Snapchat releases World Environment Day 2021 Bitmojis

The Bitmojis are dedicated to World Environment Day and it represents various ways to protect our environment.

Snapchat releases World Environment Day 2021 Bitmojis | Snapchat-releases-World-Environment-Day-2021-Bitmojis,World-Environment-Day,World-Environment-Day-2021- True Scoop

World Environment Day is celebrated annually on the 5th of June. With the nearing of World Environment Day, Snapchat has released new Bitmojis celebrating the day. The theme of World Environment Day 2021 is ‘Ecosystem Restoration’ and Snapchat's new Bitmojis target to share this message among its users.

These Bitmojis for World Environment Day showcase a variety of habitats that help in reserving energy and keep our surroundings clean. There are nine Bitmojis dedicated to World Environment Day which represents- switching off lights and electrical appliances when not in use, recycling waste, love for nature by taking walk, watering plants, growing plants and saving water, etc.

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These Bitmojis are the virtual way of spreading awareness amid the coronavirus pandemic, where we are locked up insides our house and can be shared with friends on Snapchat from the chat section. Open the chat with the person you want to share Bitmoji and then tap on the Bitmoji icon right next to the text bar. Then you can see the Bitmojis dedicated to World Environment Day 2021. Scroll through different options and tap on any one to send it.

Snapchat regularly features themed Bitmojis for different occasions across the world. Recently, Snapchat had launched Bitmojis for Earth day and Holi in India.

With the world celebrating ‘Pride Month’, Snapchat has released Bitmojis for this too. These Bitmojis represent different Pride groups and also different pronouns.