A two-year-old girl was thrown down from a burning building so that she may escape to safety. Her mother was forced to take up this decision which leads the child to escape this burning high-rise building in the city of Durban, South Africa during protests.

Naledi Manyoni is a 26-year-old mother and she had been on the 16th floor when the fire started on Tuesday and seeing this all happen she took the decision of running down the stairs with her daughter.

The death toll reached 72, with so many individuals dying as they looted the store. The police and military people fired grenades and bullets so that the unrest may come to a stop. More than 1200 people were arrested, community radio was forced off the air, and some COVID-19 vaccination centres were also closed.

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On her way to escape, Manyoni made her way to a ledge located above the street and then she threw her daughter to a group of people standing below as the passersby cried out.

"After throwing her, I held my head in shock, but they caught her," Manyoni recalled outside the building as her daughter sat on her shoulders. "She kept saying, 'Mama you threw me down there.' She was scared."

Further, she added that for her, the safety of her girl was important and she wanted her daughter to be out of that situation because she couldn’t escape alone leaving her daughter behind.

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While telling all this, the toddler was all fine and unharmed; she was dressed in a red coat and hood, clapped her hands, and babbled.

They then stood on the streets before the burned shops, South Africa is now at its worst post-apartheid era, which began last week when former President Jacob Zuma was jailed. This all has resulted in mass looting, arson, and riots in the commercial area of South Africa.

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