Stock market in free fall – About 1200 points lost in BSE Sensex

The opening day of the week is making investors cry, and shorters (very) rich

22 February 2021 is a day when most participants (those who trade on buy-side, invest in mutual funds, or are generally bullish about the market) are crying and pulling their hair in horror.

While most Indians were in shock, those traders who are well-informed and trade in both directions of the market (up and down) have taken away huge sums of money from investors, gamblers, and novice traders.

For knowledge of novice traders, going long means buying and going short or shorting means selling when you do not have the instrument and will deliver the same from the open market later (which is called covering the short).

At closing, Nifty 50 is down 2.19%. This index represents largecap companies. Well, in the decline all capitalisations participated happily. The midcap companies’ index Midcap 50 was down by 1.73% and the index for smallcap companies was down by 1.76%.

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In a shocker, the fear index of India INDIA VIX was up about 15% from the last trading day’s close. Well, the investors were scare all right.

Now, let’s talk about the sectors which spearheaded the decline. Media, Realty, IT, Pharma, and PSU Bank indices were down about or more than 3%.

One sector was sticking out like a sore thumb being up in such a red day. It was up 1.5%.

Regarding predictions, this author will hold on that today.

Also, every participant who risks his money in capital markets (which includes stock markets namely NSE (National Stock Exchange) and BSE (formerly Bombay Stock Exchange)) does so at his risk.

All information presented is for education purposes only.

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