The decision of the Punjab Cabinet-led-by-CM Captain Amarinder Singh to offer government jobs to the sons of MLAs on compassionate grounds has not gone down well with the Punjab Youth.

The unemployed youth of Punjab took to Twitter and criticized the state government over its ill-devised decision. There are many tweets under the trend ‘Stop Pleasing MLAs’ appealing Chief Minister Amarinder Singh to roll back the decision and conduct the pending recruitment exams.

This development has come when Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh is already battling the dissent in the state unit over its unfulfilled poll promises. However, Captain Amarinder Singh justified his decision saying, “It is just a small token of gratitude and compensation for the sacrifices of their families.”

Meanwhile, the youth of Punjab who has been struggling for a long time for the government job is demanding CM to revert the decision. Netizens are lashing out at the Punjab government using ‘stop pleasing MLAs’ trend on Twitter.

Criticizing the state government, one of the social media users wrote, “You are giving jobs to sons of your MLAs on compassionate grounds, do they really need any sort of compassion being the sons of MLAs? Stop making fool out of us, we have been working hard for years and you are giving jobs to the sons of your MLAs and giving lame excuses. Conduct the pending exams and take your decision back.”

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Slamming Capt Amrinder Singh for not fulfilling his promises, a user said, “The promise for Ghar Ghar Naukri was for deserving youth of Punjab and not for the families of MLAs.”

Where a user said, “We want corruption-free deserving ne ohi job lenge, kise MLA di nalaik aulaada sade haq nhi le skdiya. Asi rat din ikk kita ae us lai nahi ki tusi kise nu bi job de deo (only deserving will get the job. No sons of MLAs can take away what’s ours. We have worked hard and you can’t give jobs to undeserving people), another wrote, “Stop pleasingMLA in Punjab CM captain Saab (sir). We are the Punjab youth who is unemployed for the last 6 years even after B.Tech. You are giving high-profile jobs to two children of Congress MLAs. It's a joke with the unemployed youth of Punjab. Feeling disheartened to hear this news.”

Earlier, even the Punjab congress chief Sunil Jakhar has raised questions over the state government’s decision. He said, “even as it is a moral duty of the nation and the government to take care of the families of the freedom fighters and those who gave their lives for the county in every way, it would not be proper to keep the two appointments for compassionate grounds in the same league.”

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