Super Bowl 2023 4th Quarter: Chiefs pull out 'ring around the rosie' distraction vs Eagles; Video Viral

Trailing by two points after the third quarter, the Chiefs edged past the Eagles with 35-27.

Super-Bowl-2023 Super-Bowl-2023-4th-Quarter Super-Bowl-2023-Chiefs-Ring-around-rosie

Kansas City Chiefs brought their hilarious 'ring around the rosie' distraction after the Super Bowl 2023 4th and final quarter started. Trailing by two points after the third quarter, the Chiefs edged past the Eagles with 35-27. However, the Eagles launched a brilliant counterattack and leveled the score line 35-35. Launching a counter-acttack, Hurts was sacked for a yard on first down. 1st and 11, Philly at their own 35. Hurts found Brown with a short pass, Brown ended up picking up seven yards. 3rd and 5. Hurts connected with Brown again and he picked up 11 yards and brought the Eagles to the Kansas City 47. After that Hurts found Smith for a 47-yard gain. That puts the Eagles at the Kansas City 1. On the next play, Hurts rushed in for a touchdown. They still need a two-point conversion to tie this up, but Hurts ran it in himself and tied up the score line. (While writing 35-35).

Super 2023 3rd quarter

Super Bowl 2023 3rd quarter completed, Eagles ahead despite Chiefs fightback, Scores inside

It was 24-14 in favour of Eagles at the end of Super Bowl 2023 half-time when Chiefs counter-attacked. Mahomes threw an uncatchable ball under pressure that Kelce nevertheless catches. It was an 11-yard gain and the Chiefs were at the Philadelphia 41. Skyy More picked up four yards on first down. 2nd and 6. Mahomes threw to Watson for a 12-yard gain. The Chiefs we at the Philadelphia 25 and Mahomes looked like he’s doing okay at the moment. McKinnon picked up seven yards. On 2nd and 3, Mahomes saw the play collapse around him and runs for a gain of four yards. That was very encouraging for the Chiefs. Mahomes found McKinnon, hoping for the end zone. Instead, he picked up just a yard. It doesn’t matter, on the next play, Pacheco rushed it in for a touchdown. The extra point was good and we have just a three-point game. Chiefs 21-24 Eagles.