Surat: No wood left for cremation – Sugarcane bagasse being arranged

Pandemic Corona is devastating family after family in India. The situation is so dire in Surat that for cremation wood is in short supply. To perform the last rites, bagasse from sugar industry is being arranged. The queue for cremation is so long that the dead bodies are being referred to other cities.

Gujarat, like every state in India, is under a severe Corona crisis. The number of deaths is overwhelming the crematoriums and cemeteries.

To perform the last rites, now wood is in short supply. So, to manage, now sugar industry has been called on for arranging sugarcane bagasse.

This bagasse is used to compensate the shortage of wood by filling it in between the logs of wood.

Slots for the pyres are being prepared in advance and to help maintain dignity of the last rites, the sugar industry is providing bagasse for free as per the requirement per crematorium.

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The waiting time is about 4 hours. On anticipating rise in waiting time, the last rites are being performed in Bardoli crematorium.

Surat, along with rural areas is witnessing a rise in number of Corona cases. The daily cases have risen to about 3,000. In the last 24 hours, 2817 new cases have been reported in which the number of active cases has reached 19884. Also, 27 people succumbed to the pandemic on Friday.

On Friday 101 dead bodies were cremated under Covid guidelines, whereas government figures report only 27 deaths.

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