Swara Bhasker, a Bollywood actor, has announced her wish to create a family of her own. The 33-year-old actress has also expressed her desire to her parents, who appear to be supportive. Is she pregnant, or is this related to one of her upcoming roles as a mother in a film?

It's neither actually. Swara Bhasker wants to be a mother, but she isn't pregnant or in the role of a mother right now. Indeed, the actor has made the decision to adopt a child. Swara has done extensive study on the adoption procedure and is ready to take on a child. Her parents have also been told of her wish to become a mother.

Her parents have also been told of her wish to become a mother.

Swara Bhasker has already begun discussions with the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) and has signed up as a prospective adoptive parent with them.

She is now on a child adoption waiting list, but she may soon bring a kid home and begin her new life as a mother.

Swara Bhasker explained that she has not only read about the adoption process but has also met and spoken with other families who have adopted children. Swara Bhasker remarked in an interview with a leading daily that she has always desired to start a family of her own.

She, too, desired to have a children. She soon realised that she may realise her desire of adopting a child through the adoption procedure.

Swara Bhasker went on to say that in India, single women are allowed to adopt children under the law. The actor met adopted children who are now adults, as well as couples who have adopted children, while exploring adoption. Swara Bhasker chose to adopt a kid after conducting extensive study and learning about the adoption procedure. As a result, she went on to register as a possible adoptive parent.

The actress went on to say that when she told her parents about her decision, they enthusiastically agreed and backed her. Swara Bhasker is now a registered prospective adoptive parent with CARA, and all she needs to do now is wait to be clear from the waiting list. She stated that the waiting period can be extended, and that it can take up to three years in some cases.

Swara Bhasker will next be seen in the film 'Sheer Quorma,' which is based on a same-sex love journey. Faraz Arif Ansari directed the short film, which also stars Shabana Azmi and Divya Dutta.

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