The biggest battle of cricket’s shortest format in the ICC T20 World Cup is all set to begin tomorrow with the 8th edition in history since it was first played in 2007 and it is just the second instance the world cup is played for two consecutive years.

This edition will see the participation of 16 teams in total with 12 vying for the coveted battle heading straight into the group stage matches. India will play its first match of the tournament a day ahead of Diwali on the 23rd, against arch-rivals Pakistan.

Ahead of its qualifying round that begins tomorrow here, we present to you the entire minute details about the tournament with the new rules set to be in place in this edition of the cup.

• The tournament will last for almost a month with its beginning tomorrow the final will be played on November 13th at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground.

• Among those vying for the final fourth berth in the Super 12 two times champion West Indies features alongside, the Netherlands, Sri Lanka, The UAE, Namibia, Ireland, Scotland, and Zimbabwe.

• Among those already qualified for the Super 12, India features alongside defending champions Australia after being divided into two groups which goes like.

• England, New Zealand, Australia, and Afghanistan are in Group 1, while India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and South Africa are in Group 2, whereas the top 2 teams from both groups in the qualifying round will find their place in the two finals groups.

• The teams qualifying for Super 12 will play 30 games in total and the top 4 teams 2 each from two groups will book their birth in the semi-final encounter.

• The prize money pool for the current world cup is 46 Crores 8 Lakh, which will be distributed among the Champion team, Runners Up, Individual Categories, and the rest of the other teams.

• The World Cup winning team will take away 13 Crores 17 Lakhs while the runners-up will get 6 Crores 60 Lakhs. The two other semi-finalists team will receive 3 Crores 30 Lakhs while the remaining teams will get 57 Lakhs 61 thousand.

New Rules set to roll out in this World Cup:

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The Indian Cricket Council brought in several new changes on September 20th this year. Which is in force since October 1st, detailed insights into what new will you get to see from this world cup.

1. Right of the batter to play the delivery that reaches him on multiple deliveries:

As per the rules, some portion of the batter’s gear or the batter himself must be inside the batting line. In that case, if a delivery forces the batter to step out and play that was regarded as a no-ball but from now that delivery that reaches the matter on multiple bounces will be considered a no-ball.

2. Unfair movement from the fielding team:

If a bowler makes any form of unfair movement during the run-up intentionally the batting team will give 5 points besides declaring that delivery as a dead ball.

3. Mankad is now run out:

If the batsman standing at the non-striker's end is out of the crease and the bowler has not yet delivered the ball, and the bowler throws the ball at the stumps of the non-striker's end, the batsman is considered out. This was called Mankading, but according to the changed rules, it will be classified as a runout.

4. Catch Out Rules:

When a batsman is caught out, only the new batsman who comes in his place will take the strike. Even if both the batsmen are crossing for runs during the catch, the new batsman will now take the strike. Before this, the new batsman used to come on the non-strike end.

5. Use of Saliva:

For the past two years, the ban on saliva is persistent in International Cricket owing to the threat of COVID, however, it has been made permanent.

6. Running out the striker even before the delivery of the ball:

Earlier if the bowler sees the batsman stepping out of the line before the ball is bowled, the former had the option of throwing the ball toward the stumps to run him out, which has now been banned, and if a bowler does so the ball will be declared dead.

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