When we tried to look for local businesses, Social Media was the one stop shop for it all! The talented personality who caught our attention was a teenager named Anushka Kapoor.  

While getting to know her and her small business, we asked her a couple of questions. We asked her about how she had come up with the idea of starting a small business she told us that her love to paint had a huge role to play in it. 

Anushka told us that she had just finished her pre-boards and she randomly painted her jeans for fun. Soon after she posted a story of the same on her social media , the response to which was very overwhelming as her friends and other followers showered her with compliments. 

A lot of them wanted their pants to be customized as well that’s when the idea of doing it as a small business came in. On being asked why Anushka chose to customize clothes and accessories and not anything else as a small business she expressed her love for painting and how this small business was helping her earn money while doing something she absolutely loved! 

“ When people give completely different requests every time, it helps me grow and experiment with my own capabilities. Every new order helps me take my skills one step ahead”

What makes Anushka’s art different from any other artist out there is evident through her unique style and color choices, on being asked about it she further explained about the aesthetic that she followed. “ It's a mix of Indie trippy psychedelic paintings. 

I usually express my emotions through my paintings , for instance, when I’m angry I usually make the ‘Third eye’ which symbolizes bursting out with anger, when I’m confused or when I’m unsure, I usually make a blurry eye, I usually add my own style to everything I do to create my own aesthetic.

The advice that Anushka wanted to give to others her age who were planning on starting their own business or something similar was that they will get to experience a whole different world and learn a lot of new things during the process. 

The more the exposure, the more experience they will be able to gather for themselves and grow in the same process. It sure is hard to take the road less traveled and do something that people of her age were not doing and during that process she expressed how difficult it had been to manage academics along with her passion and not giving up has been her soul motto. 

The most important thing that Anushka mentioned about learning was managing time and expenses which is a life skill and does not come that easy to everyone.
You all must have created a good image of the kind of art Anushka creates on the clothing she customizes! Let’s put some colors and visuals into that thought and checkout the video that our team created! 


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