Farmer leader Rakesh Tikait, a key figure in the ongoing agitation against the three central agricultural laws said that they will not end the protest so soon. He also stressed that the government should talk to farmers over the issue of minimum support price (MSP) of crops and other matters.


"The protest will not be withdrawn immediately, we will wait for the day when the farm laws are repealed in Parliament. Along with MSP, the government should talk to farmers on other issues too," Tikait tweeted in Hindi.


Today, on the auspicious day of Guru Nanak Dev Jayanti, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made a big announcement. During his nation address, PM Modi said that the central government has decided to ‘repel’ all three farm laws.


Prime Minister said, “Today I want to tell everyone that we have decided to repeal all three farm laws”. 


He further said that “Three laws were in farmers' benefit but we couldn't convince a section of farmers despite best efforts”. 


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He also explained that the government brought the farm laws for the welfare of the farmers and with noble intentions but failed to convince a section of farmers despite best efforts. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Our government had brought these laws with complete devotion to the farmers with full sincerity, especially in the interest of small farmers, but despite this, we failed to convince some farmers. We kept on explaining to the farmers with utmost humility. We left no stone unturned to understand the farmers' point of view. The government agreed to change the provisions of the law on which they had objections. Friends, today is the holy festival of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, I have come today to inform the entire country that we have decided to take the decision to withdraw all three agricultural laws. This month we will complete the process of taking it back.”

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