Anyone who has done an Instagram Live knows how much work goes into getting everything just right. From lighting to volume to Internet connection, there are numerous things that can make your live video look messy and this adds up to a lot of stress.

However, Instagram is now stepping up to help its dedicated Live creators. The app is getting a slew of new features that will allow users to reevaluate how they use Live.

Instagram is introducing a new feature called 'practise mode' to help users avoid common live video setup blunders. You and your guests will be able to participate in the live video before it is broadcast to your followers.

This will assist you in setting up the video and testing the sound, light and connection stability so that when it goes live, it appears to be a professional production.

In addition, Instagram is introducing a scheduling feature for live video creators, allowing them to inform their audience ahead of time. The company will allow you to plan a session 90 days ahead of time and will tell your viewers when it is ready.

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When it comes to scheduling live broadcasts, Instagram is a little late to the party. This feature has been available on Facebook and YouTube for a long time. It was also introduced last year as part of TikTok's new set of creator tools.

The modifications could be related to Instagram's bigger goals. Instagram's CEO, Adam Mosseri, recently told users and the rest of the world that the app is "no longer just a square-photo sharing app." He went on to say that the platform will focus on four major areas for development: artists, video, shopping, and messaging.

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