In a Rocky Mount restaurant, a manager recorded explicit videos of herself using a banana to simulate sex and uploaded them to Only Fans.

Now this OnlyFans creator has been placed on leave after making and releasing sexually graphic videos of herself while working as a restaurant manager in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

The explicit videos came to light after one of her viewers recognised the woman and noticed the videos were being filmed inside the restaurant.

A Rocky Mount resident notified local news outlet WRAL News to Christen Colbert's explicit recordings, which were put on OnlyFans, a subscription-based platform where people pay a fee to view a creator's sexual content.

Colbert Masturbating with a Banana

Colbert uses the name Amberly Trishelle on OnlyFans and charges a $10 monthly fee for access to her X-rated photographs and videos.

Colbert was seen masturbating with a banana in one of the videos she shared on the internet. Colbert was spotted by a viewer who noted she appeared to be recording from inside the office of a local restaurant called Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar and recognised Colbert as the manager of the establishment.

One of the videos shows a Japanese restaurant menu as well as security cameras showing the establishment's interior. "Their major worry was the woman's sexual use of a banana, which is presented on the restaurant's menu in its cinnamon banana dessert," the viewer told local news channel.

Twitteratis reaction

As this explicit videos came to light, local people are worried about their health. Nash County residents who saw the videos were horrified, as the restaurant’s signature dessert is a cinnamon banana.

One of the user said, “The livelihoods of tens of people will now be impacted deleteriously because one person did something legal on their personal time. Super. Go American outrage.”

One of the user said that the local news channel just printed the name of the lady and the restaurant but they didn't interview her.

As according to a representative for the state Department of Health and Human Services, all of the bananas in the restaurant have been thrown out, people are feeling thankful to them.

One user tweeted, “We can sleep better better now knowing all the bananas on the premise have been thrown away.”

Another twitterati said,”Sounds like Nash County residents are into the stuff as the manager. Otherwise it would not be in the news.”

Some people are also saying that because of this horrified incident, the restaurant had to throw all the bananas, so in the future they will definitely charge extra for this. “Seems like she ate the banana herself so Weird. they had to throw away unrelated bananas. Seems like something the restaurant could charge extra for in the future.”
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Colbert Placed on Leave

On Friday, the restaurant's owner, Joon Lee, who has owned the business for more than two decades, stated that he was unaware of the recordings, but after viewing them, he confirmed that they were shot in his office, and that Colbert has worked as the manager for 15 years.

Colbert has been placed on leave until the next steps are determined, according to Lee. He further informed local news channel that Colbert admitted to recording the videos and that she afterwards ate the banana.

All of the bananas in the restaurant have been thrown out, according to a representative for the state Department of Health and Human Services, and the Nash County Health Department would be working with Lee to make sure "other action deemed appropriate" was taken.

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