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In yet another shocking incident, a forensic doctor in Kanpur of Uttar Pradesh allegedly murdered his wife and children owing to 'fears' of the recently discovered Covid-19 variant Omicron.

Identified as Sushil Singh, a senior forensics professor at a Kanpur medical college first strangled his wife Chandraprabha (50), and then smashed the heads of his daughter Khushi Singh (16) and son Shikhar Singh (21) with a hammer on Friday, according to reports.

He then fled from his posh flat in the Kalyanpur neighbourhood. The doctor also informed his brother about the killings and left a suicide note in the room.
According to the police, the doctor said that he was depressed.

As per the WhatsApp message to his brother, the doctor was 'fed up of counting dead bodies and that no one will be spared by Omicron.’ The accused claimed in the texts that he was 'liberating everyone' from such a nightmare.

The brother then reported the crime to the police, who rushed to the scene. The bodies of the man's wife and children were discovered in the apartment.

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Officials also found the accused's notebook at the crime scene, in which he mentions the murder of his family. He also appears to have written about the Omicron variant, claiming that 'now, there will be no need to count dead bodies,' and that 'now, corona would kill everyone.'

The new coronavirus variant named Omicron was first detected in South Africa and India recently reported two cases of the variant.

WHO has categorised Omicron as a variant of concern and predicted a possibility that vaccines might not work on it.

However, there is still no evidence to back the statement. Authorities have urged the public to remain calm and assured there is no need to panic over the new variant.

People are advised to follow covid appropriate behaviour like wearing masks and social distancing and maintain personal and surrounding hygiene.

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