VIDEO: CM’s convoy drives through the smoke from a wildfire near Jalandhar’s Domoria flyover

As per reports, the foliage near the Jalandhar Domoria flyover caught fire late at Wednesday night, the cause of fire is unknown

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A fire broke out in Jalandhar as the grass around the Damoria bridge flyover caught fier late at night on Wednesday as per reports. At the time of the fire, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister CM Mohan Yadav’s convoy was seen passing through the flyover. As per information received, the police also signaled the security to stop after seeing the smoke, but the convoy passed through.

The scene was caught on video, where the convoy can be seen making its way through the smoke. Currently, no damages or mishaps are being reported due to the fire. The cause of the fire is also undetermined as of yet. However, fire department officials have since controlled and contained the fire.

As per reports, a train also passed through the area after the fire team had controlled the fire. The timing of the train was fortunate as a major accident was averted because of it.

Madhya Pradesh CM Mohan Yadav was in Punjab for election campaign purposes. As per reports, CM Yadav and other BJP leaders had visited the Golden Temple in Amritsar to pay respects. There the CM urged the Punjab citizens to utilise their right to vote.

Watch the video:

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