The video of an adorable little girl has gone viral on social media. This video is posted on twitter by a person named Kaptaan Hindustan, captured at Hamad International Airport, Qatar.

In this video it can be seen that a toddler is running towards the airport security person and is seeking permission from him to hug her aunt at the airport. The aunt of the little girl is on the other side of the gate, and  then the little girl run towards her after getting permission and seems to be very happy and excited. 

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The video was posted on twitter by user named Kaptan Hindustan. The video was given a caption "She asked the officer permission to say goodbye to her aunt". The video is very adorable and cute and is highly loved by the spectators. The audience's comments on the video were "so sweet" , "cute" , " so lovely" and were awestruck by the love and affection of the little girl towards her aunt. Her eagerness and way of asking the security is too cute has won the hearts of the spectators. 

Here is the cute video of the little girl running towards her aunt at the airport : 

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