Taj Mahal is an "epitome of love" and a man in Madhya Pradesh expressed the love to his wife by building one for her. Anand Chokse, a Burhanpur resident, recently built a replica of the Taj Mahal and gifted it to his wife. Apart from his love for his wife, Chokse's fascination with the Taj Mahal stemmed from a nagging question in his mind - Why the Taj Mahal was not built in his city?

Mumtaz, after whom Shah Jahan made the monument, had died in Burhanpur but the Taj Mahal was built in Agra. According to legends, the Taj was originally planned to be built on the banks of the Tapti river but was later relocated to Agra, on the banks of the Yamuna.

Getting back to Chokse’s Taj Mahal, it is a four-bedroom plush house, though it is not as large as the original monument. The dome stands at a height of 29 feet.

The house has Taj Mahal-style towers and 'Makrana' marble flooring sourced from Rajasthan. Makrana marble, which was used in the Taj Mahal, has now been designated as a 'Global Heritage Stone.'

It took three years to complete the house.

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According to the engineer, there were numerous challenges along the way. Prior to construction, the engineer meticulously studied the Taj Mahal. He sought the help of artisans from Indore and Bengal for the interior carving. The furniture in the house was crafted by Mumbai artisans.

The house has two bedrooms on the ground floor and two bedrooms on the upper floor. It also includes a hall, a meditation room, a kitchen, and a library.

The lights inside and outside the house capture the essence of the original Taj Mahal at night, illuminating it in a similar way to the iconic monument.

According to media reports, the house has already won the 'Ultratech Outstanding Structure of MP' award.

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