Ever since the pandemic restrictions are being lifted, leading MNCs around the world have announced thousands of job cuts majorly for price cutting reasons. While there were expectations that post-pandemic people will be relieved and lead their life normally, they were hit by mass layoffs. Leading E-Commerce company Amazon too laid off thousands of employee and brought new rule which was apparently too strict for the employees. Now, Amazon's new work-from-home rule and mass layoff have earned the company massive wrath from its employees. As per reports, upset over Amazon's work-from-home rule, mass layoff, and not including employees in the decision making which affect them have forced approx 1,816 employees to walk off from the office. To be precise, 1,816 employees are all set to stage a protest today in front of Amazon’s Spheres building in Seattle, USA. The number of employees walking off the office was revealed by one of the leaders of the employee unions. The leader added that the number is expected to touch 2,000 as more have been asked to join in a protest against the Amazon company outside its Seattle office. Now, the question arises what is Amazon's new WFH rule that has forced the employees to protest against the company? To know the answer continue reading below-

What is Amazon's Work From Home Mandate?

As per reports, in its new mandate, Amazon has made it mandatory to come to the office for three days in its new Work From Home rule. As per Amazon's CEO Andy Jassy's letter to the shareholder, people learn and deliver better output when the employees come to the office. Andy also believes that there is a scope for innovation when employees come to the office for work.

On the other hand, Amazon Employees for Climate Justice (AECJ) and Amazon’s Remote Advocacy community leaders were quoted saying, "“The walkout is on! About 1,816 employees have pledged to walk out around the world so far, with 873 in Seattle. Please join 1,816 of our coworkers (and counting) and pledge to walk out. "

As per the leaders, the protesting employees are demanding to allow them to have a say in the company's decisions that affect them directly. Most of the employees who are protesting are talking about the company’s latest work-from-office mandate rule that was implemented earlier this month. “Employees need a say in decisions that affect our lives such as the return-to-work mandate, and how our work is being used to accelerate the climate crisis,” they added.

Amazon Mass Layoff

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Amazon has laid off thousands of employees till now since 2022 post-pandemic. While people were expecting that they will not be hit by another round of mass layoffs, the company recently announced that it will lay off 9000 employees in its fresh round of layoffs. As per Amazon's CEO Andy Jassy memo, the company will lay off 9,000 more employees in the coming weeks. The memo was reported in April 2023. The cuts are on top of the previously announced layoffs that began in November and extended into January. That round totaled more than 18,000 employees and primarily affected staffers in its retail, devices, recruiting, and human resources groups.

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