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On Thursday, the Common Services Centre (CSC), a special purpose vehicle under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, has launched a specially dedicated helpline with the support of social media platform – WhatsApp. The new service is named “CSC Health Service Helpdesk”. 

The main focus behind this health service was the people residing in the rural and remote areas of the country. This teleconsultation digital service will seek support from administration, consulting doctors remotely, accessing a wide range of Covid related resources, and getting users’ other queries addressed.

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This service will be free to use and will be bilingual, will be available in two languages – Hindi as well as English. Infobip Technologies has developed this new feature. Here’s how one can access CSC Health Service Helpdesk:- 

There are two ways to access the health service – First, you can send a “HI” on +917290055552 and follow the options of your choice. And second, you may directly reach the chat by following THIS URL –  

To this, Dinesh Tyagi, CEO of CSC said, “We are deeply committed to ensuring that rural citizens get the best access to healthcare and infrastructural services. CSC’s telehealth consultation has played an important role in providing primary healthcare services at the grass-root level. We are confident that an extension of this on WhatsApp will be our next lever in ensuring that primary healthcare services are available to the remotest population in our country”. 

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“This chatbot has been uniquely built as a customised solution which will be beneficial for providing common services to people in India. We are thankful to WhatsApp for their collaboration, determination and all-around support to make this chatbot so easy and seamless to use for people of India,” he further added. 

A comment was also shared the WhatsApp’s Public Policy Director, Shivnath Thukral, he said, “CSC’s Health Services Helpline on WhatsApp will be a first of its kind teleconsultation chatbot in India. We are optimistic that this chatbot will prove to be an easy, convenient and reliable source of primary health care needs for people in India. Through our partnership with CSC, we will continue to find innovative ways of making healthcare and other services more digitally and socially inclusive”.

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