Football world and fans were shocked after three Real Madrid Players were arrested over charges of having a physical relationship with a minor and filming them in the act. The three Real Madrid players not only developed a physical relationship with the teenage underage girl but also filmed the entire action and shared the clip with others. The sensational incident came to the fore when the minor's mother went to the police after one of the trio reportedly filmed an illicit clip with the child. As per Spanish media reports, after filming the act, the footballer then sent the video to others. Now, the question arises who are three Real Madrid players arrested over such serious charges? Below is what we know so far-

Who are the three Real Madrid Players?

The names of the three Real Madrid Players have been kept under wraps as the investigation is still ongoing. Not only this but due to the involvement of the Spanish giant football club Real Madrid, the authorities are making sure that the case is properly investigated first and then a public statement is released. However, there is some information local Spanish media presented saying that the arrested Real Madrid players include- a youth player, a reserve team player, and a “third team” player. The Real Madrid Sex Scandal is reportedly being led by Civil Guard officers in Gran Canaria.

What did the initial investigation suggest?

The mother of the victim lodged her complaint in Mogan, in the south of the Canaries island, on September 6. It is worth mentioning that the victim's mother did not provide any initial proof to back up the sensational claim, however, "Police sources say there could be several other players involved, including first team players.” The three Real Madrid Players who have been arrested are understood to be under police investigation on suspicion of a crime of “disclosure of confidential information.”

What did the fans say?

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A user wrote, "Does anyone have an idea who the three are?"

Another user wrote, "The law that Real Madrid players are suspected of violating is Article 197 of the Spanish Criminal Code which states: "Whoever reveals secrets of a sexual nature, without consent of the person affected, shall be punished with imprisonment of one to four years.""

One more user wrote, "Youth players, not famous names"

"Typical clickbait. Not the first team players. The arrested players are from the youth team" wrote another user.

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