Who is Hirody Babu? Bangladeshi TikTok star prime accused in Bengaluru sexual assault case

Hirody Babu had been using his Tiktok fame to lure women and force them into prostitution. His real name is Rifadul Islam.

Social Media star, Hridoy Babu is the prime accused in the gang rape of a 22-year-old woman. Tiktok fame Hridoy Babu also known as Ridoy along with his companions ran a forced sex work trade in multiple states. Allegedly, he had used his TikTok fame to convince the woman for coming to India and later sexually assaulted her along with other perpetrators.

Hridoy is 25 and a big Tiktok figure in Bangladesh. As per reports, had been using his Tiktok fame to lure women and force them into prostitution. His real name is Rifadul Islam.

“We learned that Ridoy had shot videos with girls and uploaded them on an online platform and gained popularity in Bangladesh. He misused his popularity and supplied women to the traffickers by promising jobs in Bengaluru and other cities,” stated the authorities.

Earlier a video of the sexual assault of a 22-year-old Bangladeshi woman went viral in Assam. In the video, five unidentified men were seen torturing and thrashing a young girl. After this, the Assam police ran an investigation and traced the accused to Bengaluru, from where they were arrested by Bengaluru police.

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On May 28, Hridoy Babu along with other accused Rakibul Sagar tried to flee away when the police shot at them. Both were hospitalized for treatment as they had sustained leg injuries.

Meanwhile, the rape survivor was traced to Kozhikode, Kerala after which she was brought back to Bengaluru on Sunday to participate in the investigation. She has submitted her statement and underwent a medical examination.

Police have said that the victim's statement corroborates the information gathered during the investigation and questioning of the accused.

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