Who is Lauren Pisciotta? 35-year-old ex-assistant sues Kanye West for sending adult texts & firing her

Lauren Pisciotta is suing the rapper for sending inappropriate texts and then firing her from the position with fake promises.

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Multiple times grammy award-winning rapper & singer, Kanye West has attracted fresh legal action on him. Kanye West has been sued by his former assistant & model Lauren Pisciotta. Lauren Pisciotta is suing the rapper for sending inappropriate texts that included his fantasies and then firing her from the position. Lauren Pisciotta in her lawsuit has also attached Kanye West Messages in which the rapper talked about his desires. Now, the question arises who is Kanye West's ex-assistant Lauren Pisciotta and why is she suing the rapper? Below is all about Lauren Pisciotta- 

Who is Lauren Pisciotta?

Apart from being the former assistant of the rapper, Lauren Pisciotta, 35, is an OnlyFan model. Lauren Pisciotta enjoys a massive 1 million followers on Instagram. As per reports, Lauren Pisciotta was hired by Kanye in July 2021. In her legal documents, Lauren Pisciotta has informed that she met Kanye when he was putting together a fashion line. As per US media reports, Lauren Pisciotta collaborated with Kanye and worked on three songs on his album, Donda.

After a year, Lauren Pisciotta was approached by Kanye. Kanye, 46, reportedly asked her to be 'God Like' and delete her OnlyFans account. In return. Kanye promised Lauren Pisciotta that he would pay her $ 1 million a year if she obliged. As a result, Lauren Pisciotta accepted Kanye's request. 

After Lauren Pisciotta accepted Kanye's offer, she reportedly started getting inappropriate texts from the rapper in which he talked about his fantasies. Not only this, Lauren Pisciotta in her lawsuit has accused Kanye of performing adult acts over the phone with her. 

Kanye West & Lauren Pisciotta's chats

Going by the lawsuit, Lauren Pisciotta claimed that Kanye sent her multiple objectionable videos, pictures, and texts. Not only this, Kanye sent his own video with another model to Lauren Pisciotta. The 35-year-old model claimed that Kanye promoted her to Chief of Staff for his companies, paying her $ 4 million.

However, in October 2022, she was fired and offered $ 3 million in severance. She accepted but claims Kanye never paid her. As a result, Lauren is suing Kanye for breach of contract, s*xual harassment, wrongful termination, and a hostile work environment.