Is AAP the most preferred choice for solving issues of Jalandhar West?

As part of their campaign, AAP has put forth 10 promises that it will fulfil once their candidate, Mohinder Bhagat is elected.

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Jalandhar West bye-elections are just around the corner and all parties are putting their strength into campaigning for the elusive Legislative Assembly seat. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is also leaving no stone unturned to score the seat. AAP’s dedication to victory is evident in the fact that the Chief Minister, Bhagwant Mann, himself has rented accommodation in Jalandhar itself to lend his expertise into the election campaign for AAP’s candidate Mohinder Bhagat.

As part of their campaign, AAP has put forth 10 promises that it will fulfil once their candidate is elected. These promises include the promises that should have been addressed long ago and basic necessities that every citizen deserves but were not provided with due to previous members in charge. These range from water works in every area, to finally getting rid of the toxic garbage dumps in Wariana. AAP is also promising to put streetlights in every corner of the constituency along with every measure to ensure their proper maintenance.

The issues that AAP intends to address have been a central part of the issues plaguing the whole city as well. These are the basic necessities that are meant to be included in any developed city. AAP has made promises addressing the pertinent issues that have been plaguing the Jalandhar West residents for a long time. AAP's track record in fulfilling their promises is also not something to scoff at. Not to mention the promises that AAP has already fulfilled which include free electricity, boost in the employment market with more than 43,000 jobs and AAP clinics which give free medicine. Hence, a victory in Jalandhar West could mean a start to the addressal of grievances of the city as a whole by the broom party.

Additionally, having an AAP Candidate as MLA can reduce the time frame for getting issues resolved. A candidate from Congress or the BJP is likely to be at odds with the ruling party and will be unable to address the issues. Also, with the next Assembly elections to be held in 2027, it is a long time for a Congress, BJP or Akali Dal candidate to hold the office before being able to make a meaningful change.

Cabinet Minister Kuldeep Singh Dhaliwal and AAP MP from Sri Anandpur Sahib Malvinder Singh Kang released the manifesto of 10 promises on behalf of the party in a press conference with AAP candidate Mohinder Bhagat in Jalandhar. Here’s what they are:

  1. Water works will be set up in every area to provide clean drinking water.
  2. New and big sewerage treatment projects will be set up for the entire constituency.
  3. Written instructions will be given to the Electricity Board to remove the network of electric wires in the constituency including Basti Sheikh, Basti Danishmanda, Basti Guzan, Basti Peer Daad and Mithu Basti.
  4. Streetlights will be installed in every street and locality of the constituency and arrangements will be made for their maintenance.
  5. Along with ending drug trafficking, lottery mafia will be legally eliminated in Basti Danishmanda, Bhargav Camp and Basti Bawa Khel.
  6. Garbage dumps in Wariana will be removed. 
  7. Specialist doctors, all tests, and free medicines will be ensured in every AAP mohalla clinic.
  8. CCTV cameras will be installed in J.P. Nagar, Model house and Harbans Nagar areas for the safety of the people of the constituency
  9. All old roads will be repaired and the width of the main roads of the constituency, Basti Danishmanda Road and Basti Bawa Khel Road will be increased to 120 feet.
  10. A new sewerage treatment plant will be set up in Gautam Nagar.

Talking about Jalandhar West Bye-election candidates, AAP has fielded Mohinder Bhagat, Surinder Kaur from Congress, Sheetal Angural from BJP, Surjit Kaur from SAD, and Binder Kumar from BSP.