Wild deer causes a stir for 3 hours near Jalandhar’s Interstate Bus Stand

The deer (Sambhar) was first seen at 7 AM by the employees working at the Punjab Roadways depot

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There was a stir due to the arrival of a wild animal near Jalandhar’s Interstate bus stand. The deer (Sambhar) was first seen at 7 AM by the employees working at the Punjab Roadways depot. After about 3 hours of struggle, the said deer was controlled with the help of forest department employees and depot employees. The deer had got his head stuck in a gate resulting in a serious injury in his leg. It is currently undergoing treatment as per sources.


Lovely, a witness who works at Punjab Roadways Depot, said that he was doing his duties as usual when he noticed some movement at depot number one at around 7 in the morning. At first the employees thought that it was just a dog roaming around. But, when the creature made a leap, they realised that it was a deer. The matter was informed to the Forest Department team following which two forest department officials reached the spot and started the rescue.


When the rescue was started, the deer got scared. It jumped over the wall and reached depot number 2. Teams kept working hard to rescue the deer for about 3 hours. During this time, it started running towards the road and found that the gate was closed. Meanwhile, the deer got scared and hit the gate and his head got stuck in the grates. This allowed the officials to restrain the wild animal.


The deer was sent to the hospital following the ordeal due to suffering a serious leg injury. The forest department officials say that after treatment, the animal will be released into the forests of Hoshiarpur. They further inform that the said deer arrive to Jalandhar from Hoshiarpur’s forest only during the winters.

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