Rahul Gandhi, the party's leader, will pay a visit to Punjab on January 27.
Along with the other 117 candidates, he will begin his tour in Amritsar by paying respects to the Golden Temple, Durgiana Mandir, and Bhagwan Valmiki Mandir before traveling by road to Jalandhar.

He would hold a "Punjab Fateh" virtual rally in Mithapur before flying back to Delhi from Adampur airport. In Delhi, Rahul Gandhi is expected to meet with party leaders and the media.

Rahul Gandhi, the Congress leader, will visit Punjab on January 27 to rally support for his party ahead of the upcoming state elections, according to PPCC Chief Navjot Singh Sidhu. According to Sidhu's schedule, Rahul Gandhi will arrive in Amritsar by a special flight at 9 a.m. on Thursday. He would travel by road from the airport to Sri Harmandir Sahib to pay his respects and participate in langar with 117 other Congress candidates.

Numerous assumptions have been made as a result of his visit. His visit to the Golden Temple, a sacred place for Sikhs, directly touches the emotion of making his name and the propaganda of the Congress in a state like Punjab, where the Sikh community binds and dominates. Furthermore, not forgetting Durgiana Mandir, which is represented as a Hindu worship place, and, of course, Bhagwan Valmiki Mandir, recognizing and keeping the Dalit Community in mind. This means that he wants every Punjabi from every community to unite together and support him.

These all play an important role in capturing people's attention, especially since the Guru Granth Sahib desecration incident occurred in the Golden Temple just a few days ago and is still fresh in many people's minds. Furthermore, Jalandhar as a virtual rally location excites many people because it is also a major Doaba center. And, according to previous records, Doaba has played a very important role in the success of the Congress party, and it can still play a significant role in the Congress party's success in Punjab.

Furthermore, it is assumed that he will select the face of the Punjab Election 2022 from the Congress Party. Sidhu and Channi have been at odds for a long time. Furthermore, in the video released today, Pratap Bajwa stated that he is capable of becoming Congress's next face for Punjab. Rahul Gandhi could be announcing the next face of the Congress in Punjab.

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