How to make money by doing nothing? This question is always trending on Google. Not sure about Mr Sundar Pichai’s search engine but 5Star surely heard you and has launched a platform where you can earn money by doing “Nothing”.

'Eat 5 Star. Do Nothing' is the latest Cadbury 5 Star campaign.

The brand has launched its first digital currency, dubbed 'NothingCoin,' which can be mined by doing nothing. Simply walk into the 'NothingCoin Bank,' which looks like any other normal bank, sit in one of the chairs, and do nothing! The longer you sit in comfort without doing anything, the more money you save.

Hell yes! Time to increase bank savings while doing nothing.

Hold on, it gets better.

There are legitimate loan counters in the bank as well. But here's the catch. Instead of money, you can choose from a variety of comfortable cushions and borrow as many as you want to spend a cosy and relaxing time in the air-conditioned space.

There is currently only one bank built for this campaign, and it is located in Nariman Point, Mumbai.

Go Mumbaikars. It's your time to shine.

How to begin?

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After entering the bank, simply log into your digital wallet, a mobile microsite that detects inactivity and get 'NothingCoins' for as long as you sit still and do not use your phone. Every minute you do nothing, a new 'NothingCoin' is added to your wallet.

Non-Mumbaikars getting FOMO? Don’t worry. Here’s something for everyone

Obviously, not everyone can travel to Mumbai, but they can still make money while sitting at home. You only need to scan the 5 Star pack and log in to your microsite. When you have enough 'NothingCoin,' you can use it to make purchases at JioMart, which is currently accepting 'NothingCoin.'

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