Online food delivery app Zomato co-founder Gaurav Gupta, an important executive in the run-up to the company's IPO in July, has resigned. He was the head of the supply at the food-tech startup. In the two months since listing, Zomato has covered its basic food item conveyance pilot and its nutrition business, alongside its global subsidiaries.

In an email to Zomato’s staff, Mr Gupta said he is beginning a new chapter in his life after giving six years at the organisation. 

"I am taking a new turn in my life and will be starting a new chapter, taking a lot from this defining chapter of my life — the last six years at Zomato. We have a great team now to take Zomato forward, and it's time for me to take an alternate path in my journey," Gupta said.

Mr Gupta said he couldn’t have asked for more from the organisation and he is extremely grateful for all the experiences and thankful to all the people surrounding him, for their supporting him to become a better person.   

"I am in love with Zomato and will always be. Came in six years back not knowing what this would turn out to be. And what a mind-blowing and amazing journey this has been. Feel proud of where we are today, what we have overcome to get here and feel even more proud of what we will achieve in the future," Gupta wrote in the mail posted on the blog of the firm.

Sending a thank-you note to the company's founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal for making him a part of Zomato’s family. 

Taking to Twitter, CEO Deepinder Goyal confirmed his cofounder’s departure and wrote, "Thank you, Gaurav Gupta—the last six years have been amazing and we have come very far. There's so much of our journey still ahead of us, and I am thankful that we have a great team and leadership to carry us forward.”

The news of Gupta’s resignation was shared in a company-wide email, that is up on the Zomato blog. 

“I am thankful that you are hanging your boots at a point where we have a great team and leadership to carry us forward. Thank you for being a better friend to me than anyone else I’ve ever had. I can’t yet imagine everyday life at Zomato without you. You will be sorely missed. All the best!” wished Goyal. 

Sources suggest that Tuesday was Gupta’s last day at Zomato and it is said that he will now venture out on his next professional endeavour, which could be his own investment and also spend some quality time with family.

"I couldn’t have asked for more—I am so grateful for all the experiences I have had and thankful to all the folks around me for helping me become a much better person,” Gupta said in the email. 

“I won’t be able to stay away from all of you and you will see me around and in action every once in a while,” he added. 

Zomato’s shares increased from 0.63% to Rs 144.10 apiece on the BSE on Tuesday. 

Gaurav Gupta joined Zomato as the head of business for table reservations in 2015 and was promoted as cofounder in 2019, to look after launching the company’s nutrition business, which ceased last week. During his journey with the firm, Gupta has been part of various stints and served as the chief operating officer (COO) for almost three. 

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