The Adani Group stocks have started to touch the distressed levels, courtesy of the New York-based Hindenburg research report which accused Gautam Adani of stock manipulation by calling him the biggest corporate fraud. Adani stocks have been in a freefall ever since American short-seller Hindenburg Enterprises brought out a report against the ports-to-power conglomerate owned by billionaire Gautam Adani. While the reports accused the Adani Group of multiple criminal and financial offenses, the Indian conglomerate questioned the Short-Seller firm about its timing as it was published just two days before the launch of Adani's FPO. Furthermore, the Adani group in its response threatened for legal action and shared 400-plus page answers to the Hindenburg report. Even after the Budget 2023 was announced, the Indian stock market experienced mixed reactions. However, what remained constant was Adani witnessed the selling off of its stocks and a continuous dip in its value. Now, an explosive Twitter thread has been going viral on social media, which alleges that Gautam Adani's company has been a target of multiple global personalities, a particular section of Indian media, and to of them all is George Soros.

For the unversed, George Soros is a Hungarian-American businessman and a self-proclaimed philanthropist who had vowed to ‘fight nationalists’ and conservative governments worldwide, which he often refers to as ‘authoritarian governments’. During the course of his life, if there is one thing George Soros has hated the most, it is the nationalist government led by Prime Minister Modi, reports the OP India.

So the question arises what the thread says and how it can prove that Gautam Adani has become a target of a particular lobby? Here's what the Twitter thread says-

"1. Do you know who is behind coordinated and very well-planned attacks against #AdaniGroup? You need to invest 5 minutes in reading this thread and you will understand who is behind the attack against Adani..... On the last 25th short-seller Hindenburg Research published a report and very well-planned and coordinated attacks started against Adani. This attack is very similar to how Anti-India George Soros broke the Bank of England and the Bank of Thailand.... After a report of short-seller Hindenburg research, a cartel of Indians has created a negative narrative against Adani...This is not a natural narrative against Adani. This is a very well-planned attack...This attack is not started on 25th January 2023 after the Hindenburg research report, but It was started in 2016/17 from Australia...Adani got a project for Carmichael Coal mine in 2010 in Australia....In 2017 a protest against Adani was started by a few NGOs under the leadership of NGO. They have formed a group #StopAdani to stop this project...This NGO is funded by the Tides Foundation heavily...But do you know who funds Tides Foundation? Check out names and amounts for just one year! It has the names of the Soros, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller, Omidyar, and Bill Gates...."

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Adani FPO: Why Gautam Adani called off 'fully-susbcribed' 'Follow-on Public Offer' after Budget 2023?

It is pertinent to mention that True Scoop News does not support or criticize the claims and it's only motto is to present this thread to the readers amid the massive Adani controversy.

Adani Group’s stocks plunge

The stocks of the Adani Group continued to plunge Thursday and fell over by at least 26 per cent. According to the National Stock Exchange, the scrip of Adani Group's flagship firm Adani Enterprises currently stands at 1,565.30. The Adani Enterprises stock price halved at 2996.20 on Wednesday morning, while it slumped to 2,179.75 by the time the market got closed.

As per the reports, Adani group firms lost Rs 8.76 lakh crore in market capitalisation in just the last six trading sessions. The group’s flagship Adani Enterprises eroded $26.17 billion in market value during the same period.

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