All you need to know about USA’s “Joints for Jabs” offer amidst Covid-19

Apart from this, there are some other perks for those who got their jab.

In an astonishing move to encourage, coronavirus vaccination drive in the state, the capital of USA has announced to offer free joints to those who would get their jab.

According to the officials, all licensed marijuana/cannabis stores in Washington can offer free joints to masses to ramp up on-site Covid-19 vaccine drive.

The latest campaign has been termed as “Joints for Jab” by the state Liquor and Cannabis Board. In this campaign, all licensed marijuana stores can give away a single pre-rolled joint to anyone above 21 but on the condition the person must get inoculated against the contagious virus at an on-site vaccine clinic till July 12.

It may be noted here, free drinks are already being offered by the breweries, wineries, and restaurants to those who produce their vaccination proof.

To give away free hard drinks, the alcohol-serving establishments have not been asked to host an on-site clinic.

Apart from this, there are some other perks for those who got their jab. Washington officials have announced to give away free sports tickets and prize money of up to $1 million.

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The rationale behind offering free products is to encourage Americans to get inoculated against the virus as early as possible to prevent further spread of the disease. This move will also persuade officials to re-open the entire state more speedily.

According to the Governor Jay Inslee’s plans, all Covid related restrictions need to be lifted at the end of the month or when at least 70 percent of those over 16 years of age will get their first jab of anti-viral dose.

Furthermore, the board has asked the marijuana stores to purchase any joints they intend to give away from licensed producers or processors. Also, these retailers must keep accounts of any product offered for free to those who got jabbed.  

Pertinently, Washington is not the first state to come up with this unique program to ramp up vaccination drive. Arizona recently announced that marijuana joints or gummy edibles will be provided to those who are over 21 and have got their vaccine.

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Apart from the USA, there are some other countries that launched similar promotional campaigns to persuade people to get their jab. China has given incentives to those who received the dose of their indigenous vaccine.

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