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In a major political development, Mr Channi has once again claimed that there was no security threat to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and there was no security breach during PM Modi’s visit. 

Today, on Saturday, CM Channi addressed the media and said, “I am tired of asking, what security threat was there PM Ji? There were no protestors within the 1 km range of the Prime Minister, there were 6000 security personnel, IB, and SPG for PM's security. What danger could have been?”

Have a look at the video here:-

He also said that PM Modi was safe and nobody tried to approach him. 

Earlier, while responding to the MHA allegation, Mr Channi said, “There was no security lapse. The road plans for the Prime Minister were made at the last minute. He was scheduled to fly out in a helicopter. I stayed up late last night arranging security for his rally. The rally had 70,000 chairs set up, but barely 700 people showed up.”

However, Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi has ordered to take strict action against the accused. She has taken detailed information about this matter from Channi and told them that Mr Modi is the Prime Minister of the country, and his security must be the utmost priority. Sonia further ordered CM Channi to take action against those who are responsible for this matter.

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