Former India skipper Kapil Dev has urged countrymen to stay indoors during the lockdown which according to him has become the “lifeline for mankind” amid the coronavirus pandemic. According to Kapil, during the lockdown which has been imposed to stop the spread of novel coronavirus, people should stay at home as that is the least they can do to combat the disease which has claimed thousands of lives across the world.


“You are supposed to stay at home. So, stay at home. It is the least one can do to help the competent and relevant authorities to fight this life-threatening virus,” Kapil told Sportstar.


He further said: “It can be taken in a positive way. Lockdown or Stay at Home. You have to challenge yourself to accept this situation. You have the world inside your home - your family. You have means of entertaining yourself - books, TV, music. Best is the interaction you have with your family members.”


Kapil Dev said he always thinks positive and that he is confident that the world will win the battle against the novel coronavirus pandemic by being together. Recently, he did an advertisement. In the video, the veteran states that in his cricketing career he has faced many lethal bouncers but the one that the world is facing right now in terms of Covid-19 is the most dangerous one. Thus, as helmets serve to protect the batters, allowing them to score runs, masks are what would help everyone to battle out the coronavirus.

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“I’ve played many do-or-die matches in my career. Won some. Lost some. But, this one is the most dangerous of all – the match against coronavirus. We thought we were winning the first innings against coronavirus but it came back with a vengeance in the second innings. No matter how dangerous the opponent is, we’ve got to be prepared and safe to win the match. Get ready to defeat corona,” he said.



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