'Drushyam 2' Twitter review: Know what netizens have to say about Venkatesh Daggubati starrer

Twitter reaction to 'Drushyam 2': Netizens weighed in on the Venkatesh-starrer, which revisits Ramababu's case regarding a lost child.

Drushyam-2 Drushyam-2-review Venkatesh-Daggubati

Drushyam 2 was praised by veteran actor Venkatesh as having "twice the mystery, twice the suspense." The internet premiered the investigative thriller on Thursday, and early reviews appear to back up that claim.

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Netizens have weighed in on the Telugu version of the Malayalam film starring Mohanlal, and the judgement appears to be overwhelmingly good. The endeavour has received a lot of positive feedback from social media users.

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Unlike other of the previous OTT releases that came out in the middle of the day, Drushyam 2 was released right at midnight. Venkatesh rushed to social media to promote the film, writing that it was theirs to ‘defend.'

As the reviews began to stream in, it appeared that many people had seen the picture in the early hours of the morning. Netizens used terms like "masterpiece," "classic suspense thriller," "next level movie," and "blockbuster smash." One remark said, "One of the greatest thrillers with twists in India.”

In the same manner that the Malayalam version was talked about, the climax in particular seems to have performed wonders among the viewers. Some even made memes around the conclusion, highlighting the protagonist character Ramababu's mind tricks.

A netizen spoke of 'semantic satiation' because the Drishyam film was released in various languages, including Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, and even other international languages, whereas Venkatesh's Telugu sequel was the first after Drishyam 2.

The first instalment of Drushyam was released in 2014. Meena portrays Ramababu's wife Jyothi, Kruthika Jayakumar and Esther Anil play their children Anju and Anu, and Nadhiya plays I.G.Geetha Prabhakar, who is hell-bent on discovering the truth regarding her son's whereabouts six years later.