British racing driver, Lewis Hamilton has been subjected to racial abuse on social media before and after the British Grand Prix. This happened after his in-race collision with Max Verstappen. During Grand Prix, Hamilton got a 10-second penalty after he collided with his rival max Verstappen while he was in his first lap of the race.

This led to Dutchman crashing out of the race. The racist abuse over social media was condemned by Mercedes, F1 and FIA the governing body. They strongly said  that people who were involved or contributed in the racial abuse had no place in the sport. 

They further  stated that, Formula One, the FIA, the drivers and the teams are working to build a more diverse and inclusive sport, and such unacceptable instances of online abuse must be highlighted and eliminated.” They also added that such behavior is not acceptable and they will be taking necessary actions against it. 

Facebook also sent out a statement that the racist comments directed towards Hamilton and that their team was working on removing all such comments. They further added that “ No single thing will fix this challenge overnight but we’re committed to the work to keep our community safe from abuse.”

The UK government has put out a notice that those who were involved in the social media abuse will be banned from attending football matches and its Online Safety Bill will be brought to force. Twitter Has sent out  statement that they have removed over 1,000 posts and blocked the accounts which were spreading hateful comments or contributed towards racial abuse. 

They further mentioned about their tools and settings that can stop or hide such hateful comments. Red Bull posted on their official page saying “ While we may be fierce rivals on-track, we are all united against racism. We condemn racist abuse of any kind towards our team, our competitors and our fans.” 

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They further added that “ there is never any excuse for it, there us certainly no place for it in our sport and those responsible should be held accountable.”

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