In what came as an utter shock for football fans, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has reportedly suspended Lionel Messi from its club. Yes! you heard it right. Arguably the biggest and best footballer of the 21st century who won the FIFA World Cup 2023 for Argentina has been suspended by PSG. Lionel Messi's suspension has created a massive uproar in the football community with fans cannot believe the decision of PSG. Furthermore, Lionel Messi suspension reason is turning out to be the most searched query on social media with fans asking why Lionel Messi has been suspended by PSG? To know the reason continue reading-

Lionel Messi suspension reason

As per reports, Lionel Messi's suspension comes after the Argentinian football star skipped PSG's training and went to Saudi Arabia without his club's consent. So, for those wondering why PSG suspended Lionel Messi? He has been suspended for disrespecting the club's directives. It is pertinent to mention here that French media reports suggest that Messi has been suspended for two weeks.

What is the full story behind Lionel Messi's suspension?

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As per reports, Lionel Messi was directed to return to training after PSG's dismal loss against Lorent on Sunday by 3-1. However, the FIFA World Cup 2022 winning star did not pay attention to the club's directives and went on a 2-day excursion trip to the Middle East (Saudi Arabia). As a result, PSG took strict action against the 7 times Ballon d'Or winner. Notably, Messi has a commercial contract with Saudi Arabia to promote tourism in the Middle East Country. However, Messi's tour to Saudi Arabia came at a time when the footballer has been linked to his former club FC Barcelona. It is pertinent to mention here that since his childhood, Messi played for FC Barcelona. However, he parted ways with the Spanish giant club over pay issues and joined PSG. Interestingly, ahead of Leo Messi's visit to Saudi Arabia, Barca vice-president Rafael Yuste sparked the possibilities of Lionel Messi's transfer.

Lionel Messi's two-week suspension means the footballer will have to miss two matches of PSG. Notably, only 5 games are left before the conclusion of the Ligue 1 season and PSG is strongly in the race to keep its position at the top of the table. However, an easy point leads over Marseille may jolt the French Club, especially at a time when Messi is suspended.

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