Punjab LS Elections 2024 Results: Hardliners Amritpal Singh & Sarabjit Singh Khalsa’s victory to impact state politics, know

Apritpal Singh is leading in Khadoor Sahib whereas Sarabjit Singh Khalsa is ahead of all major parties from Faridkot

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The latest updates by Election Commission of India shows that Waris Punjab De Chief Amritpal Singh is leading from Khadoor Sahib with 2,09,450 votes. Amritpal Singh is currently lodged in Dibrugarh Jail of Assam. Apart from this, Sarabjit Singh Khalsa is also winning with 1,52,607 votes in Faridkot. Both the candidates contested for Lok Sabha Elections 2024 from Independent Parties.

Waris Punjab De Chief Amritpal Singh is a firm Khalistan supporter and leader. Sarabjit Singh Khalsa, son of Beant Singh infamous for Indira Gandhi’s assassination. Both the candidates are hardliners and support Khalistan. They both fought election independently with almost no money. The winning of both candidates from their respective constituencies is likely to impact the Punjab politics. Their win can show the polarization of votes in the state. Both the leaders brough up Panthic agendas and Sikh community issues while campaigning for elections.

If both Amritpal Singh and Sarabjit Singh Khalsa win from respective constituencies then there will be some major changes in Punjab. Punjab will witness a new Akali Dal made up of the hardliners. This party could become one of the major political parties of state. Both Amritpal Singh and Sarabjit Singh Khalsa can make a party promoting separatism and bringing up Khalistan-related issues. Their win can give rise to a hardliner organization in Punjab.

Even Punjab’s one of the most famous party Shiromani Akali Dal is weakening from of these candidates' win. There are also chances that various candidates from BJP, AAP and SAD who might join Amritpal Singh and Sarabjit Singh Khalsa. The win of these two candidates can also give rise to hardline thinking in Punjab.

Sarabjit Singh Khalsa and Amritpal Singh’s win can pose serious threat and challenges to Punjab government along with state’s law and order.