Ronaldo rape accuser demands millions for ‘pain, suffering’

Cristiano Ronaldo has previously been accused of sexually harassing former model Kathryn Mayor in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2009, which he vehemently denies.

Former model Kathryn Mayorga is suing for £56 million (Rs 579 crore) in damages after accusing footballer Cristiano Ronaldo of rape in 2009.

According to our sources “She is seeking £18 million in damages for ‘past pain and suffering,' £18 million in damages for ‘future pain and suffering,' and £18 million in punitive damages. The 37-year-expenses old's total £1.4 million, including legal costs of £1.1 million, for a total of £56.5 million – the equivalent of two years salary for the Juventus player."

The former model said she was raped by a Portuguese footballer. The alleged rape took place in a hotel room in Las Vegas in 2009, following their encounter in a nightclub. Ronaldo vehemently denied the charges at the time, saying, "I vehemently refute the accusation levelled against me." Rape is a heinous crime that contradicts everything I stand for and believe in.”

Ronaldo, 36, vehemently refutes Mayorga's allegations. Mayorga had agreed to an out-of-court settlement of £270,000 in 2010. She resurrected the lawsuit three years ago, claiming she was "mentally incapacitated" at the time she decided to sign the deal under duress.

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Jasmine Lennard, 35, a former Big Brother contestant from the United Kingdom is included by a legal team who says she dated the former Manchester United striker ten years ago. Three police officers who investigated the initial complaint are also on the list, Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli, Ronaldo's agent Jorge Mendes, and advisor Andy Quinn.

Meanwhile Ronaldo said“I categorically reject the allegations leveled against me”.

"Raping is a heinous crime that contradicts everything I am and believe in."

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