All of India is crazy for expensive footwear, the craze for fancy sneakers soon swept into India when the pop culture started to pair every look with sneakers. This not only erupted a massive sale of shoes but also created a huge market for the same. 

This made 17-year-old Rachit Arora start reselling rare pairs of shoes that went out of stock as soon as they went live on their official websites. A shoes enthusiast Rachit, opened an Instagram page solely for reselling shoes on the 4th of July. 

This was a new concept, and earning the trust of the customers before getting established sure was a challenge.  One of the very first obstacles that Rachit had to tackle was deciding a name, “my main motive was to come up with a name that would be easy for everyone to remember while thinking of the same ‘Kicks India’ came to my mind” said Rachit. 

After several days of not getting the response that he thought he would, it was time to bring some changes to the plan and deactivate the account. While experimenting with taking a different turn Rachit restarted the page and this time he was shocked to see that the pairs that he had put up on the page without actually owning them were already sold out. 

This was a 'call to action' soon the page started to grow, and orders came flying in and there was enough investment to expand the business.  The business slowly started to work really well and the response that he started to get was beyond something he had thought of. 

It started from an idea and now he was being recognized by local people and even local celebrities who knew him through the name ‘Kicks India’. When asked about what the future plans of Kicks India were Rachit was fast to respond with his present aim of opening a store and sure wanted to expand his business. 

The idea that sprouted from having a good sneaker collection was now a full-fledged business and there are no signs of stopping Rachit from making people step up their sneaker game.  

He also claims that he could be blamed for the sneaker revolution that swept all of Jalandhar and would keep spreading if it continues to grow at the same pace. 

You can bless your eyes with the amazing collection that Rachit has in his inventory through this creative reel that our team made during the interaction. 


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