To honor and value the teachers, teachers’ day is celebrated on September 5, every year. The day commemorates the birth anniversary of the first vice-president and second president of the country Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was born on 5th September 1888. 

Teachers play an important role as they shape the future of society and develop human resources. On teachers’ day here are the inspiring stories of teachers who have made a difference. 

1. Savitribai Phule:

Savitribai Phule is also known as “Mother of Modern Girl’s Education” as she broke all the traditional stereotypes of the 19th century and boosted new age thinking in British colonized India. Her teacher was her husband, who supported his wife and after seeing the thirst for learning he taught her how to read and write. 

Savitribai Phule was fond of teaching and hence, she became the first female teacher and inspired a lot of young girls during the era in which rights of women were non-existing. 

First girl school by started by her and her husband at Bhide Wada in Pune and in 1848 there were just eight girls, belonging to different castes. Her innovative idea attracted the common people and during 1849-50, the strength of girls increased from 25 to 70. And in 1851, she was running three schools with around 150 girl students. 

But, during this era of revolution, Savitribai faced many problems because of orthodox men, who threw mud, stones, rotten eggs, cow dung, tomatoes, and dirt at her. 

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2. Annapurna Mohan: 

Annapurna Mohan is a government school teacher who teaches students of class 3 in Panchayat Union Primary School Kandhadu, Tamil Nadu. Earlier, she had two options in front of her, either she can enjoy the position of manager in a cooperate company or she may continue teaching the school student. At that time, she chose to teach the kids and make their future brilliant. 

Annapurna Mohan, later, sold her jewelry to provide the kids world-class education facilities.

While speaking to India Today, she said, “I am really glad to see many people are appreciating the noble cause that I have initiated.”

“When I joined the school, the state of the students was not good as they couldn't even speak good English. By the time of five years, I really started knowing the real needs of the students and analyzed their performance,” she added. 

"I started posting the activities of my students on Facebook. Gradually, many people started noticing it and appreciated this effort. Some of them even started sending gifts such as badminton racquets and donations. After getting gifts from people across the country, I ensured that my students should study in better infrastructure and speak fluent in English," the teacher further explained.

3. Keshav Saran:

Keshav Saran started teaching children at village chaupal in Rampur, which acted as a building block for the intermediate college with the strength of around 1,320 students, including 620 girls. 

The institute has been named “Keshav Inter College,” as a tribute to the dedication of Saran. 

He started off with around five to six students and the strength of students increased to 150 in a span of a few months. The school was recognized as inter college in the year 2009. 

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4. Imran Khan: 

Imran Khan is a Sanskrit teacher, who belongs to the small town of Rajasthan. Imran has donated 52 digital learning applications to the HRD Ministry of India for free, as his contribution toward Digital India and E-learning.

He launched his first website – in 2005 and his first application – NCERT Learn Science in 2015. 

Imran develops a maximum of his application in the Hindi language as there are abundant already available apps in English.

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