MTO Information has learned that a former top female basketball player had a mental breakdown yesterday and made some strange things concerning NBA superstar LeBron James.

Cappie claimed LeBron James of being an intercourse trafficker on Instagram Stay. The claim appeared to be clearly untruthful, confirming Cappie's delusional state.

Cappie appears to be in mental distress in the video and begins ranting about being "kidnapped" for the past two years. Cappie then goes on a rant about LeBron James out of nowhere.’

It appears she is going through another mental health episode and needs help.

Pondexter's social life was relatively quiet since she retired in 2018. However, she went missing in October of last year after being detained on a battery charge. Later that week, she was found. Fast forward to present, and she's blaming LeBron James for her disappearance.

She went missing for several days only to find out she was actually in jail and suffering from mental health episode.

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Cappie says that LeBron James "traffics girls," then claims that the NBA superstar "stole" all of her money from her bank — both accusations that MTO Information views as preposterous.She would let everybody watching her live know that she, “doesn’t f**k with LeBron James,” due to everything he’s allegedly done to her. See video here.

She also claims to have been missing for two years during this live, which is just not the truth. Pondexter is known to have mental health concerns, and this claim levelled against the four-time NBA champion is most likely a result of that.

Fans have also stepped in on the subject, questioning why LeBron James would steal money from a WNBA player when he is on his way to becoming a billionaire. The more crucial reason for this being false is that there is a 0% chance that any of it is true.

Cappie is a retired professional basketball player. She grew up in Chicago, Illinois, and was born in Oceanside, California. Pondexter is known for her scrappy style of play, quick crossovers, and midrange jumper. In 2011, she was named one of the top 15 players in the history of the Women's National Basketball Affiliation (WNBA) by fans.

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