Punjab – the land of the five rivers – Indus, Ravi, Jhelum, Beas, and Sutlej, has always been India’s frontier region in the North West, since the Greeks and later the Turko-Mughals. Punjab is a land famous for its lush green fields, rich history, and traditions. The people staying in Punjab are usually called Punjabis – belong to Punjab. The vibrancy, Charm, Positivity, spontaneity is almost infectious!

Punjab is one of the fewest states, which has still retained its traditional roots blended modernism. On the one hand, you will find plenty of gurudwaras, and the Sikhs, doing Seva at Chabeels and Langars. Punjabis now how to be happy, and celebrate life, no matter what! Punjab has its color, vibe, and taste! In this article, we briefly tell you what are you missing if you still haven't visited Punjab! Don't miss out!


Be it any occasion of happiness, Punjabis sure know how to break a leg! And no, it is not easy! Just like other dance forms, you need to learn the Bhangra as well. Men in their traditional colorfulkurta and dhoti with a matching turban, couple up with women in salwarkameez and paranda; accompanied with drums, they dance to their happiness – not leaving even a single beat. Gidda is when Punjabi women sing in praise of the groom or the bridegroom's family, during a wedding or for a crowd at Lohri! Today, Bhangra is a music genre with many Punjabi artists taking it abroad to UK, Canada, and Australia – adding a twist with their Rap!


Culture Is not confined to a state! Punjabis are very famous for not just preserving their culture in Punjab, rather they are known to spread it globally! Wherever you go, you will find a Punjabi! And, there is a very unique nature to the Punjabis – they go out of their way to help you! Punjabis, no matter where they've settled, Punjabis carry their spirit, brevity, vibrance, dance, music, hospitality, and cuisines everywhere.


Kudi-Munda, Kidman?,Khotte-da-Puttar, O Teri, Chak-de, etc. How can you miss the distinct language of the Punjabis- Punjabi! No matter how modern, but Punjabis never forget their Punjabi language. It is written in the Gurmukhi dialect. Today, it is a language that contributes to a whole different genre!


When it comes to festivals, Punjab is usually understood to be synonymous with Sikhs. However, the Hindus staying in Punjab also celebrate the festivals unanimously. Baisakhi is celebrated to mark the beginning of a New Year by the Punjabis when they harvest the crop. Lohri is the traditional winter festival of Punjab that celebrates the winter solstice with a huge fire to ward off all the bad and weak, come all the good and pure. It is celebrated with dance and music around a huge bonfire with all the rituals. Gurupurab – the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak DevJi is celebrated as a festival of lights, with Prabhatpheris and langarseva at every nook and corner. The Guru Purab is celebrated to commemorate the birth of all ten Gurus of Sikhs with Guru Nanak DevJi being the first guru and founder of Sikhism. Apart from this, the other festivals celebrated with excitement and fervorareKarwachauthh, HolaMohalla, BasantPanchami, Teeyan, Holi, ChaparMela, and many more.

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Wherever you go, Punjabi cuisine is something, your heart will always pine for! Punjabis are synonymous with being big-time foodies! Starting with breakfast –Hot parathas (spicy potato-filled flatbread) with white homemade melted white butter, or AmritsariKulchas, or CholeBhature with Lassi – sweet or sour, will not just satisfy your hunger but your heart as well! The specialty of Punjabi cuisine is their Spices, ghee, and their technique. Where it is veg or non-vegetarian, Punjabi cuisine is irresistible! Winters for Punjabis means Sarsonkasaag (mustard leaf curry) with Makkiki roti(cornmeal flatbreads)! The Punjabi main course includes special delicacies like Dal Makhni, CHole, Rajma, Butter Chicken, KadhaiPaneer just to name a few!


How can you leave drinks behind, with such great food? Punjabis have their special size when it comes to pouring their drinks. The PATIALA PEG is what makes it so famous everywhere in the world. Patiala is the land of the Great Ranjeet Singh, and the peg has been named in the honor of the city which represents courage, valor, and brevity.

Papad and pickles are the special Punjabi add-ons, which enhance the flavor of the main course! Popularly called achaar, pickles can be eaten with all items on a Punjabi platter. Your meal is incomplete without both! made from Badiyan which are sun-dried nuggets, made of pulses and spices, it is also a great gift to bring back for family and friends.


One of the most pious places to visit in Punjab, The Golden Temple Amristar with the Sarovar garden, fills your heart with purity and holiness. No matter how troubled you are, when you see the unconditional hospitality of the Sikhs, without any discrimination, your faith in humanity is restored! Golden Temple, also known as the Harmindar Sahib, is where the AdiGranth (Holy Book of Sikhs) has is kept within the sanctum.

Sukhna Lake is an artificial lake built to be a dam in Chandigarh, the capital city of Punjab, and a UT, which happens to be one of the most happening tourist attractions. Recreation activities like rowing, boating, kayaking, and cafes within the premises, make it a very enjoyable hangout. Set in the planned city beautiful Chandigarh, it has jogging tracks and music speakers which makes it ideal for morning walks, evening strolls, yoga, to get a healthy blood circulation, and for bird watching. The evenings are the busiest, with people thronging to spend time at the lake, while the mornings witness visits from many migratory birds like Siberian ducks, cranes, and storks. Apart from these there are several other tourist attractions spread across the many cities in Punjab.

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Punjab is usually understood to be synonymous with Sikhs. Yes, while the population is dominated by a majority of Sikhs, there are Hindus also who consider themselves to be just as much Punjabis! A Sikh man is characteristically identified by the Turban! As per the edict of Sikhism, men wear the Turban to protect their unshorn hair. Different colors of the Turban represent different sentiments as well. For instance, navy blue represents valor and service, while black signifies resistance and white means peace. Today, Punjabis, especially the young ones are very serious about the palette of their Turbans.


Lassi is your drink to go with a Punjabi meal! If you don’t have it, then you are missing out on a very valuable experience in your life! The mustache after putting the glass of lassi down makes a Punjabi! Made with yogurt, it is creamy and maybe salty or sweet. It is a very popular drink especially at festivals like Holi when it is mixed with cannabis to make bhang lassi, in honor of Lord Shiva. The best part about this awesome drink is that you can drink it any time and drink it alone as well!


A Punjabi Jutti forms an integral part of the Punjabi attire. Punjabi women look very chic and appealing in their Patiala dress paired with Punjabi jutti. Made with leather, Adorned with sequins, and patterns, design sin silk threads, and mirrors, etc, a jutti is a mix between a shoe and a slipper. It is a great souvenier to carry back! Get the feel of a Punjabi lady with convenience, style, and comfort in Punjabi jutties.


Punjabis love the glitter and shine of jewelry! Punjabi jewelry can hardly be missed! Matha Patti is such a piece of Punjabi jewelry that is worn in the center of the head while Passa is traditionally worn on the side. What makes Punjabi Jewellery unique are the bright stones and gems set on minimalistic gold.Chura is a famous bridal accessory that has red bangles, it is worn with the stylish kalira dangling off the hand of the bride for the wedding rituals.


Punjab is rich in dairy farming and agriculture! The affluence of Punjab can be felt in its sweets and dairy products. Desi Ghee is a staple used in Punjabi sweets and food. Ladoos, Panjiri, Rabri, Jalebi, GajarkaHalwa, khoya, and most importantly KadaPrashad – are the unforgettable sweets of Punjab.


Phulkari is a traditional native Punjabi embroidery that used to be done by the Punjabi women by hand, to beautify the Punjabi attires like suits, lehenga, Kurtis, etc. They are threadwork done with colorful threads like red, yellow, green with flower motifs in geometric patterns, especially during weddings or festivals. It is a great item to bring back as a gifting souvenier for your friends and family.


Woolen clothes are woven in Punjab, especially the handwoven ones – sweaters, shawls, Stoles, etc. Made from various varieties of wools like Angora, Pashmina, Cashmillion they are woven with ornate designs, they are popular all over the world.


The traditional Punjabi woman’s attire will never be complete without a paranda! It's what makes a Punjabi woman a mutiyar (young-lady). Made out of silk threads, Parandas come in a variety of colors and are work on Braided hair to make the braids look beautiful!

With so much to explore in a city that is so full of colors, culture, food, and fashion, one must make it a point to visit Punjab at least once in a lifetime! Not only is Punjab the confluence of five rivers, but it is also the land of amalgamation of History, Culture, Values, Traditions, Style, and Beauty - you name it and Punjab has it!

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