The Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp is reportedly working on two interesting features, one on the possibility of playing and resuming voice recordings and second on the ability to hide the last seen from specific contacts. 

The company is rolling out the feature for specific beta users testers. 

The user with the new pause and resume feature can pause their recording and then resume before sending it. At present, WhatsApp users can only record a voice message in one go and send it, thus, they cannot listen to the recorded message before sending it. 

Only selected WhatsApp accounts can use the voice recordings feature, said Wabetainfo, adding that even if the user is a beta tester, it may not be able to utilise the feature yet as only selected beta testers have received it. 

On the other hand, some users might see voice waveforms while recording the voice message which means the user may have a higher chance to get the said feature. Users can test the feature by sending a voice message. 
Besides this, the messaging app is also working on another useful feature that has been identified in the beta version of the application. WhatsApp will soon allow its users to hide the last sen, profile picture from chosen contacts. Currently, users can only hide their last seen Profile Picture and About section from all the contacts. The company at present doesn’t give the users the option to hide from specific contacts on their list. Users can hide the last seen and profile picture from all contacts and from those people whose numbers you have not saved. Users must know that in the current settings of the application, if the user hides their last seen, the user won’t be able to see the last seen of your contacts and similarly if the blue tick is disabled on your WhatsApp the user would not know if your message was read by the other person or not. 

A screenshot of the feature that shows a special “My contacts except” option was posted by Wabetainfo. Users earlier could only see three options to hide your profile picture including “Everyone”, “My contacts” and “Nobody”. 
As of now, the “My contacts except..” option is only for beta users as WhatsApp is yet to launch a stable version of the feature. This means that if you are not a beta tester you cannot use this feature. 

It should be noted that the iOS beta users will also not get the feature and it has been made available to only a few selected Android users. 
If you are a WhatsApp user and haven’t received the feature yet, it is not something to worry about. WhatsApp is gradually enabling the feature and some more activations will soon be made available after installing the next updates.

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