Who is Ashish Chowdhary? A DU Graduate who is heading Apple's Operations in India

In 2023, after Hugues Asseman’s retirement, Ashish Chowdhary was promoted to his position as vice president of Apple India, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, East Europe, and Africa.

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Although the 2023 Apple Event was concluded two days back with CEO Tim Cook presenting the new iPhone 15, its variants, and a new series of the Apple, the smartphone-making giant has been trending in India continuously. Courtesy of the induction of an ISRO-made navigation system into the newly launched iPhone 15, Apple's Wanderlust Event 2023 has been breaking the internet. 2023 witnessed multiple momentous occasions in terms of Apple's partnership with India. Apple opened its first-ever exclusive stories in Mumbai and another one in Delhi's Saket. Statistically, Apple's manufacturing in India has also amped up and there is a repost saying that one out of two smartphones will be Made In India till 2027. With investments and business of Apple booming in India and across the world, the question arises who is Apple India's Head Ashish Chowdhary responsible for forming a cordial relationship of the US-based smartphone giant and the government of India or ultimately in the heart of the people of India? Below is everything you need to know Apple India Head Ashish Chowdhary-

Who is Ashish Chowdhary?

As per reports, Ashish Chowdhary graduated from the prestigious Delhi University in Mathematics. However, first his port-graduate he moved to the US. Ashish Chowdhary did his master's degree from Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Chowdhary also studied Business Administration at Wharton School, Pennsylvania University, USA. Before switching to Apple, Ashish was a successful Chief Customer Operations Officer at Nokia. However, in 2019, he finally switched to Apple and this was indeed groundbreaking for not only Ashish but also the electronic giant company.

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In 2023, after Hugues Asseman’s retirement, Ashish Chowdhary was promoted to his position as vice president of Apple India, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, East Europe, and Africa. As per reports, Ashish directly reports to Mike Fenger, vice president of Worldwide Sales at Apple. It is pertinent to mention here that Ashish joined Apple as its India operations head but he was promoted to Vice President post.

Talking about the historic Apple's exclusive store in Mumbai, the US-based company inked a lavish deal with business tycoon Mukesh Ambani and hence it opened its outlet in Jio Mall at the Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC). As per reports, the deal between Apple and Mukesh Ambani states that the rent of Apple BKC in Reliance’s mall will increase by 15 percent, once every three years. As of now, Apple is paying Rs 42 lakh as minimum monthly rent. Not only this, but Ambani will also receive an additional revenue share contribution of 2 percent for the first three years.

Since Ashish Chowdhary is a mathematics graduate let's talk about some numbers in detail. As per reports, Apple exported Rs 40,000 crore worth of phones. Apple’s revenue is reportedly estimated to be Rs 22,87,563 crore. Apart from this, it is under Ashish's leadership in India, that the production rate has been increased by 1 percent amounting to a total of 5 percent. As of now, India is currently the second-largest iPhone production center in the world. A separate report suggest that 50 percent (one in every two!) of all iPhones could be produced in India by 2027.