Who leaked Nina Agdal's video? Fans puzzled after Logan Paul's fiance footage goes viral

Sharing the video, Dillon Danis claimed that Nina Agdal's leaked video belongs to Logan Paul's fiance.

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The beef between boxer Logan Paul and Dillon Danis is turning out to be one ugly spat that is getting global traction. The spat between them turned ugly when Logan Paul's fiance Nina Agdal video was leaked on social media. As per reports, Dillon Dennis shared a leaked Nina Agdal video. Sharing the video, Dillon Danis claimed that Nina Agdal's leaked video belongs to Logan Paul's fiance. For the unversed, Dillon Dennis is an American MMA fighter who is scheduled to lock horns with Logan Paul in an exhibition boxing bout at MF & DAZN: X Series – The Prime Card. As a result, both the fighters have been indulged in a public feud but Dennis taking it too far by sharing objectionable footage claiming that it is Logan Paul's fiance's leaked video footage goes viral. However, there are multiple reports that have claimed the woman in the viral video is not Nina Agdal. Below is what you should know about Nina Agdal leaked video-

Nina Agdal's leaked video was shared after Dillon showcased Nina’s dating history in an attempt to mess with Paul. As per US media reports, Dillon Dennis shared the alleged Nina Agdal video after various other posts he shared on social media about Logan Paul's soon-to-be wife. The video shows a woman, who Dillon believed is Nina, in an intimate setting alongside an elderly gentleman. Dillon claimed that he possesses several other embarrassing photos and videos of Nina, saying, “I wanna drop these nukes I have of Nina so bad it would literally break the internet.”

However, DramaAlert has refuted the claim saying that the woman in the video is Nina.

Notably, after Nina's image was maligned, Logan issued a public apology to his fiance. “I didn’t wanna do that. Nikki, I’m sorry, I’m f*cking sorry. I swear to God I didn’t wanna do that. [You did it] And you’re right. You’re right. I did do it. And I did it because I was pushed to a line ‘cause my opponent crossed a line and I shouldn’t have stooped to his level. I shouldn’t. Nikki, I’m f*cking sorry. You raised a scumbag, you did. He’s a bad person. And he got me to a place where I didn’t wanna go,” Paul stated.

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It is pertinent to mention here that Paul vs Danis match is to be held in Manchester, England on on October 14.

Logan and Dillon’s tiff reached a low level this week when the MMA star crossed a line with their October 14 fight. On August 8, Paul announced his return to the ring, prompting Dillon to launch a social media war. Dillon went on to troll and harass Logan, going to the extent of making sexist remarks about Nina.