Who was Harpal Randhawa? Indian billionaire & mining tycoon dies in a plane crash in Zimbabwe

Harpal Randhawa was heading from Harare to the Murowa diamond mine when his plane crashed

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In what came as a shock and heartbreaking development, Indian billionaire & mining tycoon Harpal Randhawa died in a plane crash. A total of 6 people were on board the plane including Harpal Randhawa and his son. Harpal Randhawa was heading from Harare to the Murowa diamond mine when his plane crashed. Harpal and his son were traveling in a Cessna 206 aircraft owned by RioZim. Notably, the Murowa diamond mine, near which the plane crashed, is partly owned by RioZim. All passengers and crew on board lost their lives in the accident. Initial reports suggest that the plane crashed due to a technical snag. Although the Zimbabwe authorities have not revealed the names of anyone who died in the crash, Harpal Randhawa's death was confirmed by journalist and filmmaker Hopewell Chinono.

Hopewell on his official X handle wrote, "The family of Harpal Randhawa who died with his son Amer on Friday in a plane crash, respectfully invite all his friends and associates to celebrate his life and that of his son Amer at a memorial service at Raintree on Wednesday the 4th of October, 2023. The arrival time is 3 PM. Notice inserted by Caleb Dengu, the Vice Chairman of RioZim."

Now, the question arises who was Harpal Randhawa? Below is what you should know about him-

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Who was Harpal Randhawa?

Harpal Randhawa was the owner of RioZim, a wholly-owned Zimbabwean company that produces gold, coal, toll refines nickel and copper. Going by Randhawa's LinkedIn profile, the billionaire was also serving as the Chairman of GEM Holdings, founded by him in July 1993. GEM Holdings, a private equity firm, is now worth $4 billion. As per Ajay Bagga, Chairman, Elyments Platforms Private Limited, Harpal was planning another venture in India.

Talking about Harpal Randhawa's son Amer Randhawa who also died in the crash, he was a trained pilot and was travelling as a passenger on the flight.

Talking more about Harpal Randhawa's death, Zimbabwe's state-owned media quoted a source in the known development who said, "The Zimbabwe Republic Police reports a plane crash which occurred on September 29 between 7.30 am and 8 am, where six people are confirmed dead..The Murowa Diamond Company (RioZim)-owned white and red Zcam aircraft had left Harare for the mine at 6 am and crashed about 6 km from Mashava.”