Nature, in the broadest sense, is a phenomenon of the physical world that generally refers to life. Humans can get all they need from Nature. Nature is a natural basket provided by the creature so that human needs are fulfilled. But humans have forgotten all nature has done for them and are using technology that is harming nature.

Nature conservation is important, not only for today’s generation but also for future generations. Therefore, a special day is dedicated to nature conservation. The day aims to raise awareness about the harmful effects of – pollution, mining, burning of fossil fuels etc. on the environment. 

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World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated on July 28th, 2021. The day encourages us to take care of natural resources like water, soil, air, minerals, wildlife etc. The day informs people about the best ways to protect our nature. 

 Why there is a need to conserve the resources? 

  • Nature should be conserved to support the ecological balance.
  • It should be maintained to preserve biodiversity. 
  • It should not be exploited because there is a need to protect the resources for future generations. 
  • Last, but not least nature should be conserved to ensure the survival of the human race. 

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How you can start conserving on your own?

It all starts at home, if you want to change the world we should change ourselves. Here are some of the basic ways through which one can contribute his/ her bit to the conservation of nature. 

Ensure water conservation: 

  • One can start using techniques like rainwater harvesting. 
  • A bucket can be used instead of a shower.
  • The wasted water can be used to water plants.

Plant trees: 

  • One can practice home gardening.
  • One can build a small yet useful kitchen garden. 

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Waste Management:

  • Reuse, Recycle, Reduce waste. 
  • Organic compost can be produced using waste.
  • One can set up a ‘waste management plant’.

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