While Team India is in Australia to participate in the T20 World Cup 2022, fans on Twitter are trending #ArrestKohli. Team India stalwart Virat Kohli who is currently in Australia with Rohit Sharma & Co to participate in the ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2022 is currently facing the ire of Rohit Sharma fans on social media. While Rohit Sharma fans and Virat Kohli fans often engage in a Twitter war, this time Team India skipper's fans are demanding the arrest of Virat Kohli on social media. In fact, #ArrestKohli became the top trending fan on social media on Saturday. Now, for those who are wondering why #ArrestKohli is trending or let's say #ArrestKohli trending reason, here's what we know so far-

As per reports, a Virat Kohli fan murdered a Rohit Sharma fan in Tamil Nadu on Tuesday night. Yes, you heard it right, two friends in Mallur, named P Vignesh and Dharmaraj were discussing cricket over drinks near SIDCO Industrial Estate on Tuesday night. However, their discussion soon turned into an argument, and Dharmaraj, the Kohli and RCB fan among the two got angry and attacked Vignesh, Rohit fan, with a bottle and cricket bat which led to the death of Vignesh. Following that Dharmaraj then fled from the spot of death.

The Police investigating the matter were quoted saying that during the heated conversation, Vignesh, the Kohli fan had mocked and body shamed the Rohit Sharma fan Dharmaraj. "During the course of their debate, Vignesh had allegedly mocked RCB and Virat Kohli. Vignesh had the habit of body shaming Dharmaraj, who was a stammerer. On that day he had made some remarks comparing the RCB team to the speaking difficulty of Dharmaraj. This infuriated Dharmaraj who attacked Vignesh with a bottle and later hit him with a cricket bat on the head. Dharmaraj soon fled the spot," the police said.

Vignesh’s body could be spotted only in the morning by the workers who were on their way to work at the SIDCO factory. The police had now sent Vignesh’s body to the government hospital in Ariyalur for autopsy and a case has been registered.

After this news broke out, Rohit Sharma fans started trending #ArrestKohli and demanded the arrest of Team India former skipper Virat Kohli.

Here's what fans are saying under #ArrestKohli

Another user wrote, "#ArrestKohli for being the greatest cricketer of all time"

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"Still Kohli Fans Defending that criminal guy Humanity died today," added another user.

Another user wrote, "These guys still have no shame after this inhuman activity. They should deserve to go to jail along with Kohli ! Abusive Idol ! Criminal Fans"

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