Today health is the most fragile topic and the amount of different, incurable, and unpredictable diseases are coming and disturbing human life. After the fatal disease of Conid-19 has now taken a different and rare form in which both the different types of variants were seen in a person at the same time.

The first rare case which was seen in the world was in March when a 90-year-old Belgian woman was affected with the 2 variants of SARS-CoV-2 virus, she carried both alpha and beta variants (recorded in both South Africa and the UK respectively). She was declared dead after 5 days.

This unique case was discussed at the European Congress on Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, according to reports. The experts said that these rare cases are not surprising and these two variants can be seen together. They said that these cases can be common at the place when so many people got infected in such a small time period.

V S Chauhan, former director of the Delhi-based International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology said, “If somebody is exposed to more than one infected person, he or she can get the infection from any or all of them. There is nothing that prevents such an eventuality.”

Chauhan further added, “The virus takes some time to multiply inside the body and affects all the cells. Till that happens, some cells can be available to host the virus from another source. The immunity against the pathogen takes some time, a few days, to be built. During that time period, it is entirely possible to get infected from more than one person.” It was also reported that these cases are more likely to occur among those people who are affected by HIV patients.

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This rare case of COVID-19 is mainly because the person who gets infected by these variants gets in contact with more than one infected person during a short time period, and in this also there is a probability to either get affected from one or both variants. The statics for this infection is of low probability.

Recently, a doctor who was fully vaccinated got affected by both the variants of COVID-19 in Assam, India, and as per the reports the doctors said that this case is similar to any other ‘mono-infection’, also they added that there is nothing to worry about and will not cause any severe disease. They also added that the doctors have looked into her case for a month and now she is doing quite well because she was fully vaccinated. 

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