Happy Birthday Gautam Gambhir.The former cricketer turns 40 today.

Gautam Gambhir, a former cricketer, is a well-known figure. He has experience with all of the game's forms. He was one of the most successful cricket players in India.

Gambhir was born in New Delhi on October 14, 1981. Few people are aware that Gambhir was adopted by his grandparents barely eighteen days after his birth and has lived with them ever since.

Gautam Gambhir has been a cricket fan since he was a youngster. He began playing cricket when he was ten years old.
In several contests, he has demonstrated his skill as a player.

Gautam announced his resignation in December 2018 and joined the Bharatiya Janata Party on March 22, 2019. (BJP). On June 17, 2019, he was sworn in as a Lok Sabha Member of Parliament.

On March 16, 2019, Gautam Gambhir received the Padma Shri Award.

Gautam married Natasha Jain in October 2011. The couple has two daughters together. Gautam has been doing his work as a politician while still finding time to be with his family, particularly his daughters.

When Gautam is with his daughters, his life is like a dream. He treasures every time he spends with them.

The Gambhir family's genuine love and happiness are shown in every photograph. On the occasion of the former cricketer's 40th birthday, here are some of his adoring father moments:

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