Jaishankar exhorts diplomats for propaganda against ‘one-sided’ international media

The External Affairs Minister’s official request in the face of undeniable agonies of Indians does not find favour with the officials.

external-affairs-minister-one-sided international-medial-exposes-india propaganda-against-international-media

Numbing himself to the insufferable agony COVID-infected and their families are going through, the External Affairs Minister officially asks his diplomats to counter international media exposing the ground reality of India’s crematoriums, hospitals, and the situation of COVID patients.

The international media including New York Times, Guardian, Le Monde, and Straits Times are performing their fiduciary duty of presenting reality to the world.

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The patients dying at the doorsteps of hospitals waiting for oxygen and doctors, the overflowing crematoriums, the irrevocable loss countless Indian families have suffered on losing a loved one to the pandemic – are these not the direct result of the incompetence of the leaders that have been elected to lead the nation?

PM Modi and his leaders are blamed to have not paid attention to the warning signs before the second wave of COVID, which Jaishankar claims is so ferocious that even the developed nations have crumbled under it.

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Jaishankar’s reasoning is that since the second wave of the pandemic has been so devastating that they or any other party could not have dealt with it in any way better than it is being handled now.

There may be some truth that the virus’ second wave is so powerful that our health infrastructure was destined to be swamped, but Jaishankar’s attention is called to actions of which no sane and concerned person would allow for - Kumbh Mela, political campaigning, and export of vaccines.

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It must be mentioned that some envoys countered that the call for countering every media report. The Deputy High Commissioner to Australia expressed the same in writing.

This publication exhorts Jaishankar to set aside party affiliations and focus on his role of arranging as many supplies as he can for his nation from as many willing nations as possible.

Further, Jaishankar is requested to at least restrain himself from involving himself in party politics till India and world rise from the wildfire of COVID.