After some help from Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns defeated Rated R star Edge to retain his Universal title. Edge was about to strike Reigns with a spear when the latter's former Shield ally Rollins distracted him. After the champion took advantage of the diversion and won the match, Edge and Rollins got into a brawl outside the ring.

Meanwhile, Reigns stood in the center of the ring to showcase his dominance. However, he was interrupted by former WWE champion John Cena, who made a long-awaited return to the industry. Reigns took the mic and said “Now the world can acknowledge me” and Cena’s music hit cutting short his speech.

After surprising the crowd, John Cena stormed into the ring, mocking Roman Reigns with his iconic "You Can't See Me" gesture and the pay-per-view event came to an end.

After the show, Money in the Bank went off air, John Cena said “I certainly wanted to come out here to let all you know that I’M BACK.”

John Cena's return to WWE now makes things look interesting as Edge and Seth Rollins, both, have their eyes set on Reigns' Universal Championship.

According to several media reports, Roman Reigns is expected to face John Cena at the next SummerSlam, which will take place next month in Las Vegas.

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Here are Money in Bank 2021 results

  • Big E, a member of The New Day, took part in his first-ever Money in the Bank event and won.

The match was won by Big E when he hit Rollins with the Big Ending off the ladder, then mounted the ladder and unhooked the briefcase that was hung in the middle of the ring.

  • The Usos defeated The Mysterios to win over the SmackDown Tag Team Championship.
  • AJ Styles and Omos defended their Raw Tag Team Champion title by defeating The Viking Raiders.
  • Bobby Lashley retained his WWE Champion title against Kofi Kingston.
  • Charlotte Flair, a challenger, defeated Rhea Ripley to win the new Raw Women's Championship.

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